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Your Full-Service Lender for Real Estate Investing Needs

Your Full-Service Lender for Real Estate Investing Needs



DSCR Rental Loans

From single units to multi-property portfolios, our rental property loans offer competitive rates and tailored terms for sustainable income.

Ground Up Construction Loans

Whether it's commercial or residential, our construction loans offer flexibility, competitive rates, and expert support. Let's bring your blueprints to life!

Fix and Flip Rehab Loans

Revitalize distressed properties into profitable investments. Our tailored financing, flexible terms, competitive rates, and expert team make property transformation accessible.

Commercial Loans

Seize deals with our commercial real estate loans. Our customized financing solutions, flexible terms, competitive rates, and experienced team ensure that property revitalization is within reach.

About Rob Fishbein

JM Real estate capital ceo

Embarking on my journey in the heart of Wall Street in 1988, I kicked off a dynamic career that has spanned over three decades. From my early days as an apprentice Stock Broker during my college years to ascending the ranks as a seasoned Stock and Bond Broker, my financial expertise took shape amidst the hustle and bustle of the markets.

In the summer of 2002, my path led me into the ever-evolving landscape of the mortgage industry. Since then, I've navigated through the intricate avenues of both residential and commercial lending, accumulating a vast reservoir of insights and wisdom along the way.

My purpose is crystal clear: to guide and empower clients as they reach for their aspirations. With a canvas painted by years of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, I stand as a reliable partner in your journey. I believe that every individual, every business, deserves a path paved with informed decisions and sound financial strategies.

As your ally, I'm here to turn your dreams into reality, your plans into action. The world of finance can be complex, but with the right guidance, it becomes a realm of endless possibilities. Let's navigate this exciting voyage together, as we work hand in hand to achieve your goals and forge a future that's financially secure and personally fulfilling."

What our clients say

I had the pleasure of working with Rob and JM Real Estate Capital for my , and the experience surpassed all my expectations. From the moment I connected with them, their dedication to understanding my unique needs was evident. The team's in-depth knowledge of both the real estate and lending landscapes made me feel confident every step of the way.

- John

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Address: 3355 Lenox Rd NE #610

Atlanta, GA 30326

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